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These are mostly for the lovely boardnow, but everyone is more than welcome to watch.

The handsome Ryan Malone talking about growing up in the Burgh and in the Pens locker room.

Ryan takes the mike and talks to Geno, Jeff Taffe and tries to catch Ryan Whitney, but Whit is being a whiny baby and it's really funny. lol
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A note....

This was in response to the post by littlestclouds earlier this evening, and I was going to post it over at 2mins4slashing, but the kibosh was put down by one of the mods. I know the mods in RL and they know where I live, so I decided to do it here just to get off my chest. :)

Dear friends of the 2mins4slashing community....

I have no fic to post, but fic is the subject I wish to discuss with you this evening. It has come to my attention that the way in which a lot of the recent fic and the characters that have been posted here at 2Mins have had an odd similarity to them; and I feel the need to share my feelings with you all. Actually I have a little list of suggestions or constructive criticism that I feel can help us all improve our stories.

1. Most guys, especially hockey guys are not 12 years old. True, there are a few young ones, but you need to remember that unless you are writing an AU, you should at least try and make the character's dialogue match with their age.

2. Even gay boys don't call each other pet names as a rule and not very often in public; and even then, it's rare unless they've been in a relationship for some time. (The boys on my f/list can correct me if I'm wrong about this, but the gay boys I know don't.)

3. If you're going to write a fic with boys you don't know well or at all, please do some frelling research. Trevor Linden's eyes are not blue, Sidney Crosby has never ever been on a team of any sort with Scott Gomez; and Mark Recchi is older than John LeClair but younger than Chris Chelios. Also, I have been known for some oddball couples, but if you're going to pair guys who are not teammates, please find a way that they actually might know each other. They might have been on the same team at some tourney or played in juniors or college together or even if they have mutual friends; but do not just pull names out of a hat because they're cute and popular... it makes for an unbelievably bad read.

4. And one more thing that I just have huge issues with...Hockey boys, and gay boys for that matter, are not girls! I know that we suspend a lot of reality by having most hockey players be in a homosexual relationship, but come on, they are not chicks! Most hockey boys are even less likely to show emotions than regular boys; and you need to look at the guys in your life and use them as role models for how guys would be in your stories. Stop making your boys cry at the drop of a hat, or at the very least, please stop the goddamn sobbing! Give your boys their nards back...they and their boyfriends would miss them. ;)

Thank you for your attention to this matter....

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Hey there hi there ho there! lol Yes, it's another fabulous Monday here at the newly renovated DeathStar. *sighs* Man I hope I can figure out where a good and fast shuttle pod is before this place blows up again. I'm feeling very overwhelmed and not liking that feeling one damn bit. Most of it is lack of cooperation by others on the customer side, but we'll get it done somehow...we always do. *loads up on snacks and headache meds*

Yesterday was a very grey I haven't had in quite some time and it wasn't fun; but I got through it and hopefully today will be better. It's supposed to be mid 60's this week and some sun, so hopefully some walking outside or throwing open the deck door when I get home will be possible and get some exercise. I keep threatening to do it, but I think I really mean it this time.

I'm also going to attempt to go a whole week only eating meals with food that I already have in the fridge/freezer and the pantry. This means no take out on the way home, no prepared meals from the grocery store, no deliveries. I want to see if I can wean myself off of this and if nothing else, acquaint myself with the can opener again; but also to get my cooking skills back up to par. So, I'm gonna wing it....try and see if I can make it past Wednesday with no burritos from TacoBell/Time or General's Chicken from Silver Dragon. This also means no sushi this week unless I dig out my bamboo mat and buy some nori; but that wouldn't be so bad, I just haven't done it in a while.

Anyway, gotta go get some stuff done, so a few goodies from yesterday...Oh, a little over half way through the 1st period, Team Canuck is beating the crap out of Team RedWhiteandBlue in Russia.

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Well, the Trevormobile is at the plastic surgeon's now. I dropped him off yesterday afternoon and now I'm driving a rental car that I have nicknamed Drapes. It's small, red and has a booming sound system, so I thought that name appropriate. ;)

Not much is work and I'm almost caught up on the boy's book since I spent the last few nights getting some pages with articles on them. There won't be tons...just some important ones.

I have a little memeish thing and some good spam today...

Stolen from Miss Lisa who nabbed it from the BBun...
I thought it interesting to find out. :D I invite everyone to do the same, go back in the nether regions of your LJ and post a quote from your first lj-posted hockey rant. I think it would be neat to see if any of our opinions have changed, or stayed the same!

So I looked and it was right there. Shocker, I know! My first journal entry back on August 9, 2004 has this bit:

So, World Cup is coming soon, and I am excited. I think I'm gonna camp at my mom's since Directv doesn't deem it necessary to carry CBC. The SE part of the country has Turner come those of us in the northern states can't have CBC? I wouldn't bitch, but the complex I live in has a contract with DTV. So....local cable, which DOES have CBC is not option. Assholes! LOL

Anyway, gotta boogie. I want to get out of here on time hockey tonight. Why do I want to sing the Chicken Tonight song when I say that. *sings* I feel like hockey tonight, like hockey tonight! Yeah...I need help. lol Enjoy the spam!

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I did find some stuff to spam and first is some stuff from the Pens site. Please don't flame, I warned you so you could keep on trucking. :D

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I also have some Nucks word on the Pretty, but Roberto looks good to go after the puck to the throat yesterday...

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A day of goods and bads....

1. Stevie's ceremony tonight.
Good: It's Stevie
Bad: His one true love is playing somewhere else tonight.

2. A day off of work
Good: Another morning to sleep in and I can get more scrapbook pages done
Bad: It's raining small farm animals and 30MPH winds

3. American babies playing Finland
Good: The PP is working on all cylinders and LittleBro has 1G and 1A
Bad: TSN is a bunch of scum-sucking whores who are showing the fucking SWE-CZE game instead of the game they teased me with all morning on the Center Ice schedule. Bah!

4. Work
Good: I thought I had to go back tomorrow, but I confirmed with the bossman that I am off until Thursday.
Bad: The nimrods I work with can't find part of the kit that I built and I might have to go in tomorrow if they still can't find it. *sighs*

But anyway, hope everyone had a good NewYear's...mine was fine. No shotguns at midnight, but plenty of leftover fireworks from July.

Don't have much to say today...not that anyone notices. Anyway, if someone is around, here are a few pics from the Tips game the other night that proves there are real hockey fans in Everett besides rihani, arami, her sister and me; and a couple of the game too. :D

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Good day, eh?

Just wanted to pop in and say hallo and wish a Merry Christmas or Good Yule or just a nice Monday to all my f/list. We had a nice time at my sister's last night with our parents, opening presents and scarfing her great lasagne. I got two gift cards from HM which were for and Hawaiian Airlines; then from my parents I got some pretty jewelry they picked up in Hawaii, a gift certificate from my hair salon, and a few other little neat things.

I'm supposed to go to my parents' house for lunch, but I think I'm gonna be spending this one alone, as I'm feeling like hammered shit due to this damn cold. I was doing better, but like a dumbass I went the football game yesterday and even being all bundled up, it was so wet and cold that I think it's made things worse and there's no way I can deal with my aunts and uncle today. So, maybe I'll just sleep some while watching cheesy Xmas movies and keeping house; then be able to go to my cousin's place tomorrow for more Xmas fun. :)

Oh, and if you haven't seen, Center Ice will be showing some of the World Juniors games, starting with the Americans tomorrow morning at 9E/6P. If you look at the schedule on TV, it will show the US/GER game at O-dark-early tomorrow. :)

But anyway, just wanted to wish everyone a wonderful time off and drop off some Canadian hockey boy spam. There's still none for the US boys; but they named the captains for the US squad and Peter was not one of them. Grrr. is the spam...Merry Christmas, eh?

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One last picture I wanted to post, but not of my favorite parts of Christmas here in the Emerald City...
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Morning! It's pretty quiet here in Bot-Hell, but I'm getting stuff done and hopefully will be out of here by 2 or so. The boss is gone as is just about the entire building, so I'm thinking that I won't be missed. I'm heading down to the Tips team store to pick up a few pressies; then maybe to Bobby's for some saimin or chicken long rice as I have seemed to pick up my yearly Xmas illness, and this year I hab ah cohd id by dose. lol It's fine and I'll be better....some hot soup and haupia cake should be able to cure it; and if not, we'll just keep medicating. :)

Not much else today...the babies should be starting play any minute with the Nuck boys against Sweden and the Americans take on the Swiss. I'll try and post some updates as they're posted on the sites, as there is no radio or TV for those games.

Don't have time for really going out and looking for spam, but here are a few of the Canadian boys during their pizza and movie night the other night...I spied Luc and Fuzzy in the last ones, Yay!

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